About Me

I’ve been knitting for around ten years now and started sewing my own clothes in earnest around a year ago.  I’m hoping that from now on I can try and make all my clothes myself – I’m a little nervous about tackling things like jeans and underwear, and I might stray from the path now and again but it’s just an aim and we’ll see where it leads!

I enjoy both the process and the end-product of knitting and sewing and it’s important to me that I get a lot of wear out of the final garments.  I’m certainly not one for sewing endless party dresses and I try and think hard about what to make, and how it fits into my wardrobe and lifestyle before I make it.  I want to make my own clothes both in order to achieve my ideal style and fit, and so that I can opt out of the hideousness of fast fashion and all the environmental degredation, social injustice and poor body image that that entails.

I’m currently working on my first hand knitting designs which I hope to have published soon, and I’ll share my progress with this and all my sewing and knitting adventures here on this blog.

Jamieson and Smith Yarn